[fpc-devel]path for rtl\win32\makefile.fpc

Darek Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Sun Jan 11 22:00:17 CET 2004

when I do MAKE ALL
I receive an error for search RTLCONST when compiling CLASSES
I discover that wrong is RTL\WIN32\MAKEFILE.FPC
in section:
# Delphi Compatible Units

move line:
rtlconst$(PPUEXT) : $(OBJPASDIR)/rtlconst.pp
        $(COMPILER) $(OBJPASDIR)/rtlconst.pp
before line start from : classes$(PPUEXT)

change line start from : classes$(PPUEXT)
to (add rtlconst$(PPUEXT)):

classes$(PPUEXT) : classes.pp $(wildcard $(OBJPASDIR)/classes/*.inc) \
                   sysutils$(PPUEXT) rtlconst$(PPUEXT) typinfo$(PPUEXT)
        $(COMPILER) -Fi$(OBJPASDIR)/classes classes.pp


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