[fpc-devel]wrong MAKE all

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sun Jan 11 14:35:55 CET 2004

At 23:10 9-1-2004, you wrote:
>I've try to do
>make all
>but I recieve ***No rule to make target clean
>my home dir is c:\fp, and I use WIN98
>I nottice  that UTILS clean good, from log :
>MAKE.EXE[5]: Leaving directory `C:/fp/source/compiler/utils'
>  but for rtl MAKE looking for c:\pp
>C:/FP/BIN/WIN32/MAKE.EXE -C c:/pp/units/win32/rtl clean
>                                                          ^^^^
>in make file is:
>ifeq ($(wildcard $(addprefix $(FPCDIR)/,rtl units)),)
>override FPCDIR:=$(FPCDIR)/..
>ifeq ($(wildcard $(addprefix $(FPCDIR)/,rtl units)),)
>override FPCDIR=c:/pp

It looks like it can't find c:/fp/source/rtl or c:/fp/source/units

>I think that default directory is c:\pp, but how this change.

make FPCDIR=c:/fp/source


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