[fpc-devel]Bunch'o questions for the new year

Eric Grange egrange at infonie.fr
Wed Jan 7 08:11:32 CET 2004

Thanks Marco & Daniel (grouped reply and new question).

>I'm no expert on this, but  afaik FPC generates stabs debug format, like
>gcc does. By simply compiling with -gl and -a you can see the debug info
>in the generated assembler (.s) file.
Ok, I've quickly looked at lineinfo.pp, should be possible to make it 
work both ways.

>My guess is that the compiler wants to recompile a certain unit (perhaps
>the system unit) and cannot find its source code. -B works perfectly for
>me, but I do have source code for all units installed.

Issue is no longer present with 1.9.1 (14/12 binary).

New question: is -O2 supposed to perform uncertain optimizations as well?
I've got a bit of code (OpenGL teapot) that behaves correctly when 
compiled with -O1,
and is somewhat visually garbled with -O2. I tried to simplify the case 
a bit, but that would
make the issue go away. The code in question is made of several 
imbricated loops massaging
values in 3 dimensionnal arrays.
Is it a known issue of the beta or would it be worth it trying harder to 
simplify for a test case?


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