[fpc-devel]Compilation of Apples Universal Interfaces

Dr. Rolf Jansen InstantWare at t-online.de
Mon Aug 16 12:57:13 CEST 2004

Am 16.08.2004 um 12:18 schrieb Olle Raab:

> You might use the tr utility, like this:
> tr "\r" "\n" | diff ... | tr "\n" "\r"

I will give it a try.

>> 3. I write a double-clickable AppleScript application which calls
>> both with the correct arguments in the correct order and
>> which in its later incarnation might install other stuff.
> Nice.
> But I still think it vould be easier for our users if we got the 
> permission
> from Apple to redistribute our modified UI. I'll try to contact them.

I aggree that would be best. I would appreciate if you would contact 
Apple. I think you might want to start here:



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