[fpc-devel]Objective-C objects

Olle Raab olle at automagika.se
Mon Aug 16 01:21:43 CEST 2004

04-08-16 00.16, skrev Dr. Rolf Jansen följande:

>> I started to learn Cocoa with Objective-C. I prefer Cocoa over Carbon
>> but ObjectPascal over Objective-C. Do you think, that the Object models
>> of both languages might be compatible to a certain degree. Is it
>> possible to call Objective-C methods from ObjectPascal and vice versa?
>> In this case the greatest thing in the Pascal world would be to produce
>> PInterfaces for the Cocoa-Framework.

Afaik the architecture of fpc is such that several object models can
coexist. E g there is support for the Delphi classes, old style Turbo
objects, and even C++ objects (at least some work is going on). So I think
it should be possible to implement yet another model, but perhaps some other
guru can give a better answer.

IIRR Metrowerks did add some support for Objective-C classes to their


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