[fpc-devel]Compile install program for win32

Zbigniew Kuczbanski zbyszek at pixel.pl
Thu Sep 25 10:34:10 CEST 2003

I try compile install program for FP compiler under platform win32.
Today via CVS I download FVision source, installer source, and some source
units from idesrc.
All unit I can compile, and can build install.exe for win32. It works, but
eat all power of processor.
I check orginal install.exe, when it nothing do (wait for operator), it
takes 0% of processor.
Install.exe witch I compile takes 100% of procesor.

What I do wrong, Any suggestions?

System information
   Win2000, FPC 1.0.10, compile under FP IDE.
   I set conditional directive FVISION.

Best regards,
    Zb. Kuczbanski

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Subject: [fpc-devel]Unix changes in 1.1

> (note: this only applies to the unix platforms)
> At the moment I'm rearranging the unix part of the  1.1 RTL. However
> currently only cycle works for 1.1, I wait till fixing the building of FCL
> and packages till I did some more cleaning up in the 1.1 RTL.
> This all will be done in complete and utter incompability with 1.0.x, so
> that it is more compatible with C naming and typing.
> However for compability, the old linux unit is still somewhat available as
> unit "oldlinux".  Somewhat, since it is not entirely compatible either.
> I advise to use the new 1.1 RTL as much as possible though in your
> IFDEF with
> {$ifndef VER1_0} ... 1.1+ code [$else} 1.0.x code {$endif} if you have to.
> While this may sound slightly negative, it isn't. The idea is to put a
> somewhat portable, well designed. layered and clean base unix system as a
> fundament for core services inside the RTL.
> The rough idea is that unit linux/unix is split up into a lot of units,
> the calls are cleaned up with respect to typing and naming,
> To ease (multi architecture in 1.1!) porting and maintenance. However the
> 1.0.x unit linux will roughly remain around for a while as init oldlinux.
> On this moment however oldlinux follows the ERRNO handling of Baseunix,
> which is compatible with C. (1.0.x errorhandling is flakey, and works
> differently). This will be fixed in the future.
> The POSIX (2003) part of the calls currently in linux/uni9x will move to
> unit baseunix, have more unixy typing, and in general have a name that is
> equal to their C name, prefixed with fp.
> The rest remains in principle in unit Unix for now, but will be cleaned up
> bit.
> Exceptions:
> - the syscalls themselves will change prototype and move to unit syscall
>     Also their definition changes to a more procedural system,
>     no more linux specific "syscallreg"
> - the x86 calls will move to unit x86. (e.g. port using)
> Comments, remarks, flames to me.
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