[fpc-devel]heaptrc: web bug 2632

Vincent Snijders VSDS at RND.VB.CBS.NL
Tue Sep 9 16:59:06 CEST 2003


Thanks to the open source character of fpc I could investigate bug 2632
(for details see: http://www.freepascal.org/bugs/showrec.php3?ID=2632 )
a bit further.
The crash occurs in this loop arround line 380 of heaptrc.pp. 
  for i:=1 to tracesize do

I ran this code in the debugger. The following table give the results of
get_caller_frame and get_caller_addr.
0x2e0fca8	0x4175f7
0x2e0fcd0	0xbff72317
0x2e0fd10	0x4175e0
0x2e0fd58	0x75e00003
0x817a7	0x1eeb0028
0xb823eb00  access violation.

I have some idea what the code is supposed to do, but I am not sure.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
I guess, that the get_caller_frame function tries to find the next frame
pointer in the stack. But this assumes that there is always at every
procedure entry bp is pushed. While this might be true for fpc programs,
this isn't always the case. If there is function somewhere in the call
stack, that didn't push the frame pointer, a wrong value is returned,
which might lead to an access violation.
I think the values returned by get_caller_frame should be increasing,
because they are allocated on the stack (at least in architectures where
the stack grows downward). Therefore I added a check to test that the
returned frame pointers should be greater than the original.

I added an extra local variable to hold the previous bp and the loop now
looks like this:
  for i:=1 to tracesize do
     oldbp := bp;
     if (bp<oldbp) then
       bp:= 0;

I recompiled the rtl and run several test programs and the programs
didn't crash anymore. 
The check on the frame pointer could be more sophisticated if I knew a
way to find out what the top of the stack is, so I could check if the
frame pointer is in stack.

I hope this information is useful for fixing the bug. I want to thank
the fpc developers for their effort creating such a wonderful compiler.

Vincent Snijders.

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