[fpc-devel]Re: CVS compilation problems.

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Wed Sep 3 17:57:34 CEST 2003

From:       "Balogh, Karoly (Charlie/iNQ)"
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Subject:    [fpc-devel]Re: CVS compilation problems.
Date sent:  Wed, 3 Sep 2003 14:59:58 +0200

> > please, compile /tests/test/units/dos/tfexpand.pp
> > from CVS with 
> > -dDEBUG (or remove the space on line 5 of that file)
> > -as well, 
> > and send me redirected output of that one.
> Here is the log generated by tfexpand.pp compiled with
> the 
> 2003/06/02 compiler. I'll cross-compile a new compiler
> from 
> x86, but currently i don't have time for that... :/

The FExpand test passed without any problems! Could you have a
look at your original problem (I mean the original parameters
passed to FExpand which supposedly caused incorrect results) and
try to find out whether there's something different from the
examples tested in tfexpand.pp? You were calling FExpand with '.'
in your original test, weren't you (I'm still in my office and
don't have your original mail here)?

> Anyway, the EMX snapshot broke again, because the CVS
> version of
> classes.pp failed to merge correctly with my patched
> version on
> the building machine, so it doesn't compile now... :(((

Yes, this was to be expected actually if you kept your changes
there. You should probably just delete your version.


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