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Jucovschi Constantin jucovschi at mail.ru
Mon Oct 27 17:42:59 CET 2003



I received the mail about FreePascal IDE. I think I could help you but first I would like to have more details about what are the requirements and responsibilities of a maintainer. I have some experience in IDE making and I would like to give you more details about an IDE we (me and my brother) have made. It is not finished yet but it includes some important requirements an IDE must have. 


This IDE was implemented in C# under .NET. It was not made specifically for pascal, it was made for languages that gdb can work with (so FreePascal is included). Debugging part is totally based on gdb. IDE sends requests to gdb, reads the results and performs needed actions. So now our IDE has debugging features (step in, step over, run to cursor, watching variables) and they work fine. Sure you can write and compile your program. However now it lacks any highlight features and we use a simple richtextbox for code writing (we have considered debugging first). 


If you want I can send you the IDE.


Best regards,

    Jucovschi Constantin

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