[fpc-devel]promised tthread patch

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.de
Tue Nov 18 10:48:37 CET 2003

> Delphi needs you to explicitly insert calls to CheckSynchronize. This is
> handled in the main loop of Delphi applications, and if you don't use
> that (e.g. no forms), then no synchronization is performed. I discovered
> that the hard way.

Yes, but if we had a way that could be hooked right into the select/poll
mechanism of the GUI, it would be more efficient. That means using a
filedescriptor for synchronize stuff, but that would be OK imho, its only
one global pipe.
But I don't know enough about the GTK main loop to do that. But if we
implement CheckSynchronize via a pipe mechanism then we could always later
add that.


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