[fpc-devel]promised tthread patch

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.com
Mon Nov 17 01:35:56 CET 2003


Attached is a new version, this time with the diff of classesh.inc

This one contains the following new features:
 * calling suspend from within threads is possible 
   and properly supported
 * exceptions now work (I accidentally forgot AcquireExceptionObject)
 * a thread trying to free itself yields an exception
   (if it propagates up completely the FreeOnTerminate flag is set and
   the thread destroyed none-the-less)
 * factored out code for synchronization because I want to use
   semaphores as they don't fill up the file descriptor table, not used
   yet because they are not available in classes.pp (yet?), so still
   uses a pipe
 * moved FThreadID to protected visibility in case someone needs to use
   the base pthread_* functions on the thread
 - the pipe thing is most likely not signal safe (recv can be
   interrupted). I'm pretty sure actually, but need to test that and
   add loops as appropriate.
 - still no synchronization support. I don't think this is too hard, but
   need information on how the foreground thread should be notified. A
   pipe would work well, the foreground thread could select() it and see
   if any thread wants it to do work for it (I expect that the GUI app
   main loop already selects anyway)

Have fun! :)

I consider this pretty good to use, but the signal issue blocks it.

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