[fpc-devel]promised tthread patch

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.com
Sun Nov 16 19:36:29 CET 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 04:52, KJK::Hyperion wrote:
> not arbitrary. The rules are roughly the same as those for signaling
> (SuspendThread, in Windows, is implemented with a kernel-mode signal, like
> most system calls targeting threads). The only problem I see is the
> interaction with waits - but, on the other hand, EINTR has been banned from
> POSIX threads as cumbersome and of limited usefulness, and all POSIX
> threading interfaces restart interrupted waits automatically

Thats nice. However, I need to patch fpSleep(), it uses some _WEIRD_
code to block signals and stuff -- it never ever sleeps for me! Haven't
taken a look at it yet, used fpnanosleep for the time being.

> true. A crude and rude interface. But not supporting it at all?

Well, I'm all for supporting it from within threads, in a nice way. Btw,
forget my second part of writing in the patch (about the warning), its
not really possible, I was thinking .suspend should never be called but
its ok from within a thread!

Anyway, I'm trying to think of a way to suspend a thread (maybe force a
signal to be handled by that thread and then suspend somehow from the
sighandler, I don't know how though, probably not possible). If anyone
things of something I'm ok with adding it, but I want a _clean_ solution
for suspending from within the thread itself.

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