[fpc-devel]Some idea of joint units

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Nov 13 18:06:54 CET 2003

>> So (again IMHO) the disadvantages outstrip the disadvantages by far.
> Ouch, not exactly so my dear. What you mean is the redundant code has the
> chance to get into the executable. But first there is smartlinking, second
> there could be "smartuniting" and third, most libraries anyway use all the
> units, declared from each other. For instance I downloaded jpeg.pas and it

<snip some big story>

Smartlinking and smart unit including is a requirement for this.

It can maybe added as extension when support for packages is added. In the
unit clause the name of a package can be reference and all units in the
package will be implicitly included. When the unit/program is compiled the
unused units will be removed.

But extensions like this are certainly 2.0+ features. So don't expect
anything soon.


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