[fpc-devel]TThread hara-kiri

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Nov 13 07:43:38 CET 2003

>> Does the example program threads.pp (doc/examples/fcl/threads.pp) work
>> for
>> anybody under Linux?
>> It aborts for me as soon as the first thread is created, printing
>> "Killed".
> When I compile it with 1.9.1 I get the same effect - program is
> immediately killed (the message "Killed" is printed by bash, it
> indicates that the program was killed by SIGKILL). When I compile it
> with 1.0.10 (with fcl distributed with 1.0.10) things are even worse.
> This is a question to FPC developers - is this example supposed to work
> (i.e. is TThread class now officially implemented in fcl or is it just a
> stub that may work but don't have to) ?

TThread needs to be rewritten to use the functions from SysThrds unit.

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