[fpc-devel]Different behavior between Kylix and FPC

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas plcl at telefonica.net
Tue Nov 11 00:00:03 CET 2003

Marco van de Voort wote:
> And that is no problem. FPC should take the best (fastest) path. Even
> Kylix gives it as warning already:
> > test5.pp(10) Warning: FOR-Loop variable 'i' may be undefined after loop
> > test5.pp(12)

I agree that FPC behavior is right here. But Borland compilers are doing that 
for ages, and only recently they added a warning. I suppose they don't want 
to fix it for compatibility with older programs, because it would break some 
programs depending on that behavior.

I blame to myself because one stupid kylix program triggered this! ;-) I'm 
recoding it again now.


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