[fpc-devel]Export/import methods: possible?

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Nov 10 20:26:48 CET 2003

> Hi!
> Just before fpc 2.0 is out, I'd like to ask if it would really be
> hard to allow to import/export methods (including constructors
> and destructors) like plain functions/procedures, e.x.:
> ...
>  exports TMyClass.Work name 'TMyClass_Work';
> ...
>  procedure TMyClass.Work; external 'mylib' name 'TMyClass_Work';
> ...
> The reason I ask is because (I think) this would give some
> (not elegant, but at least some) way to put class(es) implementation
> into a shared lib.

This hack will not be added to the compiler. When support for classes in
shared libraries is needed then it needs to be fixed correctly. When you
add hacks to a program to support something it'll face you again in the
future and will only give more trouble.

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