[fpc-devel]Re: Bug in AssignPipe() on Linux

Jeff Pohlmeyer yetanothergeek at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 11:36:39 CET 2003

> It is a FPC/FCL/LCL/Lazarus bug, but mostly fpc.

I don't use Lazarus  - ironically, I ran into this bug while
trying to recompile a program that interfaces FPC with NEdit.
It doesn't use Lazarus or GTK, but it uses popen(F, 'ppc386 -iV', 'R') 
to check the compiler version. As a temporary workaround, I can use 
oldlinux.popen() or shell('ppc386 -iV > version.txt') and read the 
result from there.

Thanks a bunch for your help - I would never have guessed
the timezone file had anything to do with opening a pipe!

 - Jeff

PS: For some reason my posts never get nested in the right 
thread - Maybe pipermail doesn't like yahoo's headers ?

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