[fpc-devel]Sources of FPC 1.9.0

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas plcl at telefonica.net
Sun Nov 9 22:51:15 CET 2003

Hi again,

I've installed the FPC 1.9.0 binary rpm from sourceforge, but seems that there 
is not a source package for this version there. I guess that i can download 
the sources from CVS, but surely they have changed since the rpm has been 
created, and I need the sources for Lazarus.

The file named 'fpc-1.9.0.i386.tar' has the sources inside (BTW-a very big 
package; couldn't be compressed?), but after installing it the source tree is 
under '$PREFIX/src/fpc-1.0.10', and the tree structure does not match with 
the Makefiles, for instance packages/extra hasn't imlib, as expected by the 
Makefile. And there is a problem (already reported) in rtl/Package.fpc 
creating an infinite recursion on fpcmake. Now, i wonder if they are the 
right sources...

I know that it is the first public beta. Not so bad after all ;-)


ALSA Library Bindings for Pascal

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