[fpc-devel]Minor differences with Delphi

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Nov 6 23:31:27 CET 2003

> Thanks for the great 1.90 release! 
> I'm busy converting the open source "Fundamentals" units
> (http://fundementals.sourceforge.net/) to compile under FreePascal.
> So far I have found the following minor issues:
> *
> const
>   MinCurrency : Currency = -922337203685477.5807;
>   MaxCurrency : Currency = 922337203685477.5807;
> causes
> "Fatal: Internal error 18"

Over my head atm to do this quickly, I'll open a bugtracker item for it tho,
so that it doesn't get lost.
> * Minor difference with Delphi units: 
>     * RaiseLastOSError is not defined in SysUtils.

What is it supposed to do, specifically on non windows, or should it
be windows only? 

>     * variables Win32Platform, Win32MajorVersion, etc. not defined in
> SysUtils.

Win32platform is already defined. 

I assume the "etc" are Win32MajorVersion, Win32MinorVersion,
Win32BuildNumber and Win32CSDVersion? Added to windows version of SysUtils
only (I assumed their contents also originate from getversionex)

I'll add them as soon as I find an implementation. Will look into that early 
next week.

>     * type TFNFiberStartRoutine = TFarProc  not defined in Windows.

Added. (all additions to CVS)

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