[fpc-devel]About m68k 1.0.7 snapshots.

Pierre Muller muller at cerbere.u-strasbg.fr
Wed Jan 15 12:59:28 CET 2003

  Several news for m68k 1.0.7 target:

1) M68K Linux port.
 - the linux port is now quite OK, 
it passes most internal tests and seems 
quite useful.

2) M68K netbsd port.
 - the netbsd port is in an unknown state, 
as I have no access to a m68k netbsd machine :(
It would probably be easy to bring it to the same
level as the linux port if I could get an access
to such a machine... 
Could anyone give me a network access 
to a m68k netbsd machine with about 500 Mb free disk space?
(This way I could try to generate a full snapshot).

3) Amiga port.
 - This is more Carl's business...

4) PalmOS port.
 After some  painful investigations,
I managed to get the compiler to work again for 
PalmOS port.

Is there anyone in this list who would
like to check this?
I still have a big problem with initialized vars
usingf pointers...

  P : pchar = 'Some text';
the content of the P variable
gets wrongly relocated when the
program starts... 
It works for C code,
apparently because the linker gets
the --embedded-relocs command line option
from gcc, but adding this to the call to ldpalm
results in startup crashes :(

I also managed to create a win32 IDE
containing the m68k compiler and
that include a debugger for PalmOS....(gdb-5.3 with 
Free Pascal specific patches...)
It can be used together with the Palm Emulator.

If anyone is interested, I can either send binaries or explain
the method to generate such a beast.

Pierre Muller
Institut Charles Sadron
6,rue Boussingault
mailto:muller at ics.u-strasbg.fr
Phone : (33)-3-88-41-40-07  Fax : (33)-3-88-41-40-99

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