[fpc-devel]Exporting variables in libraries for Linux / FreeBSD

Maarten Bekers elevator at planet.nl
Sat Feb 15 20:42:58 CET 2003

hey Marco,

> > I see. Is there any chance of getting this feature implemented, or would
> > be better to try to write a library in C that in turn uses my library in
> > to provide the functionality that it should?
> I wouldn't do that. I'd make getters and setters (functions and procedures
> wrappers to read/write vars) to access them. These even can get handy
> to get things threadsafe.
Yeah, i use that technique in a lot of my code too, unfortunately, Apache
requires you to export an variable, so that it can load the
procedure/function addresses, in order to be able to create an Apache
module, so i'm affraid i'll have to try to craete a wrapper library.

groeten, Maarten.

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