[fpc-devel]Weird isn't it ?

Maly maly at zga.pl
Thu Feb 13 01:32:21 CET 2003

Anton Tichawa wrote:
> In your example, you actually put the AFS.ChDir(FFilePath) OUTSIDE the
> try/finally block (smile).

well, exception handling isn't important, they'are handled outside
this code and ChDir can't fail i.e raise any exception.
The main question is why Write changes code execution/generation ?

i tried anything and if there is no Write inside the 
constructor i'll alway get a FIndex=0 and the Exception
isn't even raised :O.

The next thing i want to try is delphi's compiler.
I'm almost 100% sure about this code being correct.
and if delphi will compile this and it'll work ok
then i guess i'll hang myself :) or just wait til
release of a bugless fpc snapshot/1.2/2.0 :>

Best regards
Luke 'Maly' O.

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