[fpc-devel]Missing References for supplied units?!

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 12 18:48:32 CET 2003

> >>I'm just wondering if there are any extra docs for the standard units
> >>that are acutally not described in the manual, e.g. the windows-unit.
> >>Are there any and if so, where can I find them. Or is there at least a
> >>command-listing for these units?
> PV> There are no extra docs. For the windows unit you can look at
> PV> http://msdn.microsoft.com
> Thanks for the reply...
> But how shall I find information about a FPC unit on MSDN?!
> I do not know what's extactly included in this unit, so what shall I
> search for there? ;)

The windows unit is simply a pascal binding for the Windows API. The C
calls are all valid. So you can simply search the WINAPI functions for the
parts that you need and call them from your application as described in
the MSDN.

For a lot of Linux the same true. You can check the man page for the C
function and call it as described in the man page.


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