[fpc-devel]CVS compilation problems.

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Subject:        	[fpc-devel]CVS compilation problems.
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> I tried to fix the OS/2 main branch snapshot problems last week, but
> with no success. The compilation process stops at the RTL, at
> sysutils.pp AFAIR, by saying there are some declarations not

OS/2 main branch compilation works well for me now (it's quite some 
time since your report, so I don't know, whether your problem was 
somewhere in the compiler and somebody fixed it in between). I had to 
create a new 1.1.x compiler using 1.0.x first, though, because the 
older 1.1 compiler didn't work for some reason. The only trouble I 
had was a bug in unzipdll.pp (not detected with 1.0.x), but this one 
was easy to fix.


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