Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Tue Apr 22 11:37:22 CEST 2003

Some questions
1. Why fpc tries to link obj file generated with tasm? Must it understand this format?
2. Heve you success to link  obj file generated with tasm ever? How can this be done?

//compiled with fpc106

program test;


C:\FPC106\Tests>ppc386 test.pas -Atasm
Target OS: Win32 for i386
Compiling test.pas
Assembling program
Turbo Assembler  Version 4.1  Copyright (c) 1988, 1996 Borland International

Assembling file:   test.sw
Error messages:    None
Warning messages:  None
Passes:            1
Remaining memory:  450k

Linking test.exe
test.ow: file not recognized: File format not recognized
test.pas(3,4) Error: Error while linking
Closing script ppas.bat

C:\FPC106\Tests>tlink32 test.ow
Turbo Link  Version Copyright (c) 1993,1996 Borland International
Fatal: Bad loc for fixupp in module 'test.ow' near file offset 243

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