[fpc-devel]Okay, another one

Yakov Sudeikin yashka at exebook.com
Sat Apr 12 17:00:47 CEST 2003

So that means I can compile FPC only with 1.0 branch compiler. This makes
sense thank you. What is the recomended or maybe an "official" build of
1.0.x for this task? Do I stick with old good 1.0.4 or 1.0.7 is a better way
to go?

At the moment I compiled fpc with fpc of the same version (the todays
snapshot with yesteerdays snapshot) and it worked well :) Maybe I can find a
binary for IDE 1.1 somewhere? I tried to find it on the ftp -- I do not
remember the details but I know I failed.

Thank you,

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> >Okay what we do now? 2372 lines of code in ncal.pas... How long it will
> >for me to understand it :) Without ability to debug in it delphi I will
> I wouldn't even recommend to start understanding the compiler in ncal.pas
> as it is one of the more complex parts of the compiler.
> >to use gdb and this will take even longer. Can anyone explain how to fix
> >this, I mean not just fix but explain how just as an example. Btw I
> >I reported this bug before.
> The easiest way to debug the compiler is to use the IDE from 1.0.x. That
> way you can debug like you could do with bp7.
> Then when debugging place a breakpoint at the offencing internalerror()
> call and run the program, when it hits the breakpoint you can investigate
> the variables and analyze what is wrong. When that is not enough the place
> a breakpoint earlier in the program flow and make the breakpoint
> conditional with the condition 'aktfilepos.line=<line where compilation
> aborts>'. Then you can step through the compiler to see what actually
> Peter
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