[fpc-devel]Incomatibility: Include files directory ordering

Konstantin M√ľnning koko at muenning.com
Fri Apr 11 12:56:22 CEST 2003

Hello everybody!

For some time now I have noticed a small incompatibility between FPC and
BP(7) about the loading of include files. I am currently using FPC 1.0.4
so if this is already resolved in a more recent version please drop me a
note and excuse me bothering you with that.

This different behaviour leads for me to a slight inconvenience, so I
could live with it, but is different to BP7 and as FPC tries to be fully
compatible this may be of interest.

It is about the ordering of the include files directories. In BP the
current directory is searched first, probably next is the directory
where the compiled file is located (I haven't verified this so please
check if you want to be shure, may be this has to be given explicitly)
and then the specified additional directories are checked. In FPC the
directory where the compiled file is located is checked ALLWAYS FIRST, I
have found no switch or option to change this and this makes me some
trouble now.

But besides that, from the logical view the BP approach seems to be
better - if you use an include file for some settings (compiler defines,
variables etc.) and compile your project in a different directory than
some common used files (e.g. Units), the units may be compiled with
wrong settings (as long as local files are present at the units
location, let's say for test purpose when these units were originally

I don't know if maybe now someone depends on the new include directory
ordering which would be broken if this is reverted to the BP scheme, but
at least a compiler flag may be introduced (or to be implicitly in -So
which for 1.0.4 is not).

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