[fpc-devel]Re: some m68k releated stuff

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Sun Apr 6 00:24:56 CEST 2003

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Subject:        	[fpc-devel]Re: some m68k releated stuff
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> > do you have "fpc" available on PATH? If so, what does "fpc -i"
> > display?
> 9.Ram Disk:> fpc -i
> Error: ppc68k.exe can't be executed

 very easy... ;-) compiler/utils/fpc.pp expects the .exe extension to 
be always used unless the UNIX conditional is defined. I don't know, 
whether it would make sense to add this define for Amiga (I suspect 
it wouldn't be the right solution here), or whether we should add 
Amiga explicitely there (or maybe don't use .exe for anything but 
I386???). Once this gets fixed, you shouldn't have to set FPC=ppc68k 
explicitely, I guess.


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