[fpc-devel]What is plan about PASCALMAIN?

Sergey Korshunoff seyko at comail.ru
Sat Sep 7 05:34:58 CEST 2002


Currently PASCALMAIN in library is inserted only for WIN32.
How about LINUX? There is a call to PASCALMAIN in dllprt0.as
which is not  right resolved in such case. II we replace
PASCALMAIN call in dllprt0.as to something like
PASCALLIB (I can not remember this name rigth), then
we can not link two FPC made libraries correctly.

What is current idea about initing FPC-made libraries?

How about using hidden symbols? I think this is
only one rigth solution (another one is
to include code of dllprt0.as into main as file
for library).

	Sergey Korshunoff

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