[fpc-devel]Open sibyl, a new RAD for FPC?

Yuri Prokushev prokushev at freemail.ru
Mon Oct 21 21:53:36 CEST 2002

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:23:52 +0200 (CEST), xhajt03 at vol.cz wrote:

>> The main point of cooperation is to extend/modify the
>> OS/2 RTL so it makes full use of OS/2 features, I
>> think. Maybe they will also remove the need for EMX,
>> and go to a native os/2 application model.
> Yuri contributed some fixes for the current RTL, continues with the
>the job you've been working on yourself, Ramon (PM APIs conversion),
>submitted some additions making the RTL more compatible with that
>one of Sibyl (without breaking compatibility with previous FPC
>releases, of course), etc. He tries to make our text-mode IDE
>working under OS/2 as well. 
Well, compiler still can't be executed (SIGSEGV on GetEnv :-() and other small things, but seems to be more stable then before ;)

> BTW, there are still some other APIs those would need conversion, so you (or anybody else) can join any
>time again, of course. 
Really, not some but a lot.

At least

MMPM/2 (seems to be taken for translation by one person)
Lan Server API
SOM API (lot of work done by Antony T. Curtis but for Virtual Pascal)
WPS API (see above)

this is active API. Upcoming api (seems to be presented on most systems) are SysTray/XCenter API's, WarpOverlay, Mozilla (as fast as Embeded API will be finished by 
Mozilla team)

So, wide area to make hands busy ;)

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