[fpc-devel]Open sibyl, a new RAD for FPC?

Yuri Prokushev prokushev at freemail.ru
Mon Oct 21 21:08:32 CEST 2002

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:11:25 +0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time), Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

>> I have found that netlabs.org have a new project: a pascal RAD for OS/2 based
>> on Free Pascal and Sibyl components. The home page for the project is
>> http://sibyl.netlabs.org
>> They have chosen Free Pascal because it is open source, and according to the
>> authors, 'some things have to be changed/extended'.
>> Have the authors of this project contacted with the FPC team? I think that it
>> would be good for FPC to be able to include some of the modifications from
>> Open Sibyl. Also, perhaps you could include a link to Open Sibyl in the Links
>> page.
>As far as I know, Tomas Hajny (hope I spell this correct ;)) cooperates with Yuri
>Prokushev. Tomas maintains the OS/2 port.
>The main point of cooperation is to extend/modify the OS/2 RTL so it makes full use
>of OS/2 features, I think. 
Right. Not full, but many ;)

>Maybe they will also remove the need for EMX, and go to a native os/2 application model.
Tomas plans to add native os/2 in addition to emx (because emx is crossplatform solution for *nix porting, so same for FPC can be achivied). So, native os/2 is usual os/2 
application, but emx is more unix target.

But anyway, RTL not only one goal. Another goal is SOM support. As I know, at the present time fpc supports COM/CORBA interfaces (I don't know is them functional, but 
presented). Because SOM is IBM's CORBA implementation then adding support of SOM seems to be logical.

So, RTL, SOM and native target (with 16-bit thunking, no way for native target without thunking) is main goal of cooperatiion.

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