[fpc-devel]Open sibyl, a new RAD for FPC?

Ramon Bosque ramon.bosque at qi.ub.es
Mon Oct 21 10:25:36 CEST 2002

Hello all

I have found that netlabs.org have a new project: a pascal RAD for OS/2 based 
on Free Pascal and Sibyl components. The home page for the project is 

They have chosen Free Pascal because it is open source, and according to the 
authors, 'some things have to be changed/extended'.

Have the authors of this project contacted with the FPC team? I think that it 
would be good for FPC to be able to include some of the modifications from 
Open Sibyl. Also, perhaps you could include a link to Open Sibyl in the Links 

Sorry if this issue belongs to the fpc-pascal list rather than the fpc-devel 
one; I thought that this can be relevant at least to the OS/2 port 

Best regards

Ramon Bosque

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