[fpc-devel]Status of the BeOS port?

Olivier Coursiere olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Sat Oct 19 00:17:26 CEST 2002


>The only thing missing from the BeOS port, are the wrappers around 
>the C++ API of BeOS, and a clean interface unit with libroot.sockets
>and other such base libraries. For the rest the BeOS port should be 
>considered complete i think. It would really be great if the BeOS 
>wrappers could be added to the FPC packages so that native GUI 
>applications can be developped.

This is the goal of BePascal. 

Yes, in the future, the pascal units in our wrapper can be part of a 
BeOS fpc package.
But what about the shared object ? Which files can be added to the 
package ?

  - the binaries ?
  - the C/C++ sources ?

We can also produce a separate package.

Now, only a few classes are wrapped (and only one is complete : 
BSerialPort).  But things will change in a few weeks. I am writting a 
tool that will generate most of the C/C++ and the pascal sources (about 
80 %).


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