[fpc-devel]Status of the BeOS port?

Olivier Coursiere olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Wed Oct 16 23:50:04 CEST 2002

>Hello all,

I am one of the BePascal developper.
>What is the status of the BeOS port? I have not found any snaphot for 
>platform. Is 1.0.6 the last version available?

The BeOS port is available and works quite well. You can download it at 
But you can only develop console applications.

>Also, there is the BePascal project at Sourceforge, 
>http://befpc.sourceforge.net . Which is the relation of this project 
with the 
>official FPC team?

There is no official relation between the two project :
 - The FPC team is working on the compiler. 
 - The befpc team is working on a pascal library : BePascal. This 
library will enable the developpement of GUI applications. All the C++ 
API of BeOS will be available from FPC through a C/C++ shared object. 


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