[fpc-devel]4nt and fp ide...;

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> >> > >> >  Free Pascal IDE  Version 0.9.2
> >> > >> >4NT: Unknown command "-"
> > It would help to know what exactly is supposed to be started there, 
> >I guess - Pierre, any idea? I'd expect either some problem with
> >internal commands (is there used any of them?) and/or using different
> > switch character for parameters.
> >
>            I have the same problem under about the same version (3.0x)
>            of
> 4NT,i already discussed this problem with Pierre. And i also have no
> idea what can do about it, since i don't know how to fix it.

 Again - do you know the exact failing command line? Once we know 
this, we can search for fixes or workarounds much more easily.


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