[fpc-devel]fp and 4nt shell

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> > >> >  Free Pascal IDE  Version 0.9.2
> > >> >4NT: Unknown command "-"

 It would help to know what exactly is supposed to be started there, 
I guess - Pierre, any idea? I'd expect either some problem with 
internal commands (is there used any of them?) and/or using different 
switch character for parameters.

> > >> >It is a little strange command.
> > >> This is probably because the COMSPEC environment variable is not
> > >> set. It should work correctly if you set it before running the
> > >> IDE.
> > >
> > >It points to 4nt. I forget to say that i trayed to run it under
> > >win2000. Maybe problem there, but without 4nt shell fp works OK.
> > I don't know 4NT,
> > but the program does require a shell that knows the /C switch...
> > Humm.... I have no idea how to fix this...

 JPSoft's interpreters (i.e. 4nt as well) _do_ support this switch.

> Make the 'batch execution command' customizable:
> [ ] use COMSPEC when using shell commands
> [ ] use this shell command : [_________________]
> e.g. The  editor I use, (PFE) does this.

 I don't think this is really needed, at least not until M$ stops 
supporting DOS compatibility altogether (COMSPEC should be always 
present). The best is to use an environment variable if available, 
and to resort to the default command interpreter for that particular 
platform (sh for Unix, CMD.EXE for WinNT and OS/2, COMMAND.COM for 
DOS), IMHO. If people want to change the interpreter, they can always 
set the environment variable (even just for fp).


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