Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Fri Nov 15 08:39:55 CET 2002

> At 00:12 14.11.2002, you wrote:
> >At 16:25 11-11-2002, you wrote:
> >> > At 14:06 07.11.2002, you wrote:
> >> > >Hi.
> >> > >
> >>Yes it is true. But i am interesting about support of other than basic
> >>simbols in idetificators (a.e. variables) also and about problems
> >>with it (a.e. one of problems windows dlls do not support unicode
> >>identificators of exported routines).
> >
> >The problem is the linker and assembler that only support normal ascii
> >symbols.

I do not know what you mean saying "normal ascii simbols". Ascii is standart
for 7 bit characters but many of people use it talking about 8 bit
The linker and assembler supports 8 bit characters (i tayed it under

> Are there any windows dll which use really chars > 127?

I do not know. But it is posible to use them. I tryed. It is useless if dll
is written for public use. But it is usable for closed projects.

Why i am speeking about internationalization of fpc? The most important
reason is that we use Pascal translator for teaching algorithms in the
schools. Programs written in the native language are more comprehensible and
readable for pupils.

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