[fpc-devel]Assembly routines problem

andrew johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 13 19:07:58 CET 2002

I am porting some low-level(proprietary) components to FPC. They in turn
use a unit with some basic scaling routines, which are in assembly.. 

I know little assembly and DO NOT want to waste my time learning more,
but the routines in question will not compile.. so first.. for Delphi
assembly compatibility do I have to change assembler mode.. like to AT&T
Vs. Intel? 2nd do routines like these already exist in the FPC, so that
I can simply get rid of them? The headers declare them(the routines
which won't compile) as :

{ Scales up floating point Value into whole integer Value  }
function ScaleUp(Value: Extended; Places: integer): Integer;

{ Scales down whole integer Value into floating point Value }
function ScaleDown(Value: Integer; Places: integer): Extended;

{ Checks double for valid values for 52-bit integer }
function ValidInt52(Value: Double): Boolean;

For the first two I do not understand why floor/ceil aren't being used
anyway.. and for the 3rd I do not see what purpose it could possible
serve. But since I don't use it directly and I am not familiar enough
with the components internals, I cannot say for certain that it will
work fine without them.

Anybody help is appreciated.


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