[fpc-devel]const bug in compiler?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Nov 12 22:44:56 CET 2002

> I was just attempting to port a bit of code from Delphi 2 and got a "FPE
> Error in Compiler" it happened in both 1.0.7 and 1.1, on the following
> snippet :


By performing intensive meditation on your short above snippet, I guess
that this is probably because you are exceeding the size of an IEEE double,
and Delphi2 maps it to a extended.

Though FPC's numerical library is still very ugly and rough, the exact
values you are probably looking for, are defined in package numlib, unit
"typ" (though you can't easily get to them, they are encoded):

 2.220446049250313E-016 (eps)
 1.797693134862316E+308 (largest double)
 2.225075980502992E-308 (smallest)

for double, and


for extended.

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