[fpc-devel]Bug: scripts

Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Wed Mar 13 15:35:43 CET 2002

> RL> I am talking only about windows. If i am under windows i want to have all its (OS) possibilities (like long filenames).
> That's easy, to rename created binary after compiling!

It is not solution. Problem is not only with created binaries.
A.e.: install compiler in directory "[directory with 8 bit characters]\[fpk]" and it will not work (if it is 1.0.4 version windows compiler install it in directory "c:\Program files\[fpk]" and it will not work too, because somebody forget to quote filenames writting scripts). 

>Yes, but that is at current stage of compiler development. FPC team
>plans to write instead of ldw a gcc-independed linker which should be
>multi-target. But also now that should be possible, to use FPC as a
>cross-compiler using different assemblers and linkers (but some of
>them are missed now :-( ).

> Generally, FreePascal is fundamentally created as a multi-platform
> compiler, therefore a full-functional cross-compiling should be one of
> important FPC features (IMHO, more important than minor additional
> embellishments like additional LFN support). Maybe, this LFN support
> could be exist (that's only my opinion, please contact FPC team),
> but only as turnable ON/OFF using compiler switches.

I hear that it will be done in 1.2 or late versions. Having in the mind that version 1.0.4 is hanging in the internet very long time, i think i will be old man at that time and will not take interest about FPC any more. 

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