[fpc-devel]Bug: scripts (corrected)

Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Wed Mar 13 12:38:19 CET 2002

> At 10:14 12/03/2002 , vous avez écrit:
> >1.0.6 (others also) Windows version FPC. Bug: FPC converts filenames to 8.3 format writting scripts "ppas.bat", "link.res". 
> >Why if you are under Windows? Because of this bug we can use only ASCII (7 bit) simbols in filenames.
> Mainly because the used GNU tools
> asw.exe and ldw.exe do not support long filenames...
> (and especially don't accept 8-bit characters)

No, you are wrong. They support long filenames. If you do not trust me, download my modified 1.0.4 version compiler from: http://aldona.mii.lt/pms/fps/download/fpc104l.zip (sorry for poor connection) whitch supports 8- bit characters in filenames (also spaces, because it is also bug in 1.0.4 version) (simple replace compiler in your "fpc\win32\bin" directory). Only one problem for full support is unit names, because they must be equal to filename. But this problem is also easy solved there. Much more there are support for 8-bit characters in program source (in identifiers). (instruction: if program source is written in Dos CP you must use  compiler switch "-SD" to compile it). All this depends from installed windows locale. So, if locale is russian you can use cyrilic characters, if german you can use german characters.

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