[fpc-devel]c -> fpc

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Mar 4 10:25:16 CET 2002

> You see this little module needs nothing else. All it's code is
> represented by it's o-File (test.o). If test.c needs other modules
> their code is not represented in test.o. You need to link to this
> other modules too. But if there is a reference to a library, there
> is no object file that represents the code of the library. You have
> to bind a library yourself. And now you are at the point:
> How can a library generated by DJGPP linked into a FPC program ??
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

{$linklib <libname>}

and make sure your searchpath (-Fl) is ok.

See packages/base/gdbint/gdbint.pp (or packages/gdbint/gdbint.pp if you have
older sources) as an example. (links in several libs for the debugger support
of the IDE)

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