[fpc-devel]Another free Pascal compiler worth looking into for ideas

Paul Robinson postmaster at paul.washington.dc.us
Mon Jan 21 22:21:10 CET 2002

The Queensland University of Technology has also released a free Pascal 
Compiler with source called "Component Pascal" that has two operating 
modes: one in connection with the Java Virtual Machine and the other one 
in connection with Microsoft's .NET initiative / vaporware / scheme / 
ideal / racket (take your pick).

Here is the URL for the ZIPs and GZIPped tarballs of <A 

The reason I mention this is twofold: it may be worth looking into to 
see if there is anything useful that it implements that Free Pascal does 
not that could be imported into FPC.  Two of the things that the above 
website mentions is that Component Pascal passes all the stringent 
requirements Microsoft put down for generated code to be used with the 
environment, and the second being the explicit suport for such concepts 
as properties and events as used in the component framework.

If this code is examined it may be possible to figure out how to allow 
Free Pascal to be used with .NET and with the JVM - the latter is 
something I have been considering something that would be a good idea - 
and thus could conceivably provide those who use Free Pascal with two 
additional platforms that their code could be run upon.

Paul Robinson <postmaster at paul.washington.dc.us>

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