Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Jan 9 09:25:01 CET 2002

> Peter Vreman dijo:
> > At 21:32 7-1-02, you wrote:
> >>I know under windows I can use dlls with fpc. And I know under linux I
> >>can link C libraries... But... Is it possible to use a dll under linux?
> >
> > shared libraries are the dlls under linux
> Yes, I know, but what I wanted to do is to use a windows dll in a linux
> binary. I know it can be done in C using wine libraries (in ex. mplayer
> that uses windows codecs). FreePascal is a stand alone compiler, then, I
> think it may be possible to add to it the functionality of loading
window> s
> dlls (if it is not yet implemented). Because it actually do it under
> windows, it may be possible to do it under linux too... or not?

FPC does not load the dlls itself. It is windows that takes care of it. But it should imho
be possible to link with wine and use the dll using wine routines. But how this need to be
done is unknown for me.

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