[fpc-devel]problems with filenames

Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Sat Jan 5 13:40:36 CET 2002


last time i asked: why ldw do not supports ANSI simbols #122..#255 in filenames. 
So, the problem is not in ldw. It is in FP compiler (1.0.4 ver.). It writes ppas.bat link.res script files with mistakes. 
File names in link.res is converted to short Dos file names (ASCII CP). After that 
ldw whitch uses ANSI CP did not find them.
File names in ppas.bat is left as is. After that long file names whitch contains spaces 
is not uderstandable by ldw.

The solution of this is very simple. Write file names (and paths) with commas in this script files. 
Example: c:\program files\sample.pas
       ->"c:\program files\sample.pas"
And do not convert them to short Dos file names.

For this goul needs to made some changes in these compiler source files:
script.pas, link.pas, t_win32.pas (for windows compiler).    

I have done this and all works fine.

Sory for bad english. I hope you will understand.

rimga at ktl.mii.lt

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