Sebastian G√ľnther sguenther at gmx.de
Sat Dec 28 20:03:38 CET 2002

Michael.VanCanneyt at wisa.be schrieb:
> I would remove the Width/Height/Top/Left streaming code from
> TComponentModule; Also, web stuff and so doesn't necessarily need
> TDataModule, it just needs 'components'.

I think TDataModule only adds Left and Top, which are properties of all 
components nevertheless (see DesignInfo)

>>   TReadComponentCallback = function(const AClassName: String; AInstance:
>>     TComponent): Boolean;
>>   ReadComponent: TReadComponentCallback;
>>(just a proposal)
> The reason I propose not this is that there is still quite some
> general-purpose code in InitInheritedComponent, which should not be handled
> by the callback IMO. After studying it a bit, I decided that the system
> specific boils down to creating the right stream; All the rest is
> general-purpose (globalloading list handling etc.).

I meant ReadComponent as a callback which is used by 
InitInheritedComponent, as a replacement for InternalReadComponentRes

>>And, you didn't answer this yet :) : Should we move the folders unit to
>>the FCL or not? I think it will be quite useful for different things
> I'm sorry, I didn't catch this ? Where is this unit ?
> I haven't found it in any directory on my harddisk ??

Ooops. It should have been part of fpGUI, but I just checked and noticed 
that I didn't add it to CVS yet. :-/
We talked about this quite some time ago... I think we'll continue this 
discussion via private mail

- Sebastian

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