[fpc-devel]Warning: cdecl'ared functions have no high parameter

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Fri Dec 13 09:52:43 CET 2002

At 06:29 13/12/2002, Judison wrote:
>Hi all,
>I got this warning:
>Warning: cdecl'ared functions have no high parameter
>on every external C function with overload and a "array of const" parameter
>function A(p1: longint; args: array of const): PChar; cdecl; external;
>function A(p1: longint): PChar; cdecl; external;
>Well, i never used the second variation, but.....
>I'm doing something wrong?
>I know thar it is you Carl.... You and your annoying warnings...
>(I'm just kidding, don't flame me) :)

You lost: 
its me (Pierre Muller) that
added this message.

The purpose of the message is to make clear that the
high parameter (containing the nubmer of elements of the array
that is normally passed to Free Pascal functions
having an open array parameter, is not passed to that function.

In fact this kind of warnings is only useful if  the function is not external...
but the warning is issued when 'cdecl' is parsed, so
the compiler does not know yet that the function 
is external....

I don't know a clear solution....
We could of course change the warning into a hint...

All suggestions welcome.

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