[fpc-devel] fpc sparc port

Carl Eric Codere carl.codere at optimasc.com
Sun Dec 1 10:03:42 CET 2002

>Carl, can You explain some issues:
>>>Is there a list of people anywhere showing what processors are being
>worked upon and by whom?
>> In no particular order:
>> Florian Klaempfl -> x86-64 (I think?)
>Which type of CPU (which are in shops) have this arch?
        This is the AMD Hammer architecture which should
start to be in stores next year (I think).

>> Carl Eric Codere (me) -> 680x0, Virtual machine, and after that another
>> don't know which one yet (probably arm which is the easiest to implement)
>Virtual machine -- is this a .NET virtaul machine, JAVE virtual machine
>which one?

.NET = Too complicated, anyways Borland is already implementing the secured
version of this, while TMT is i think implementing the non-secured version
(the non-secured version allows untyped pointers). So that would be a lot
of competition for Free Pascal.

JAVA VM = Impossible to implement without limiting a lot the pascal language,
since untyped references are not allowed, and indirect calls are also not

The solution is a small vm that i designed and implemented, its like a virtual
RISC CPU, but much much simpler and will work on any architecture which
has glibc and gcc. The VM is done, the assembler and linker also, but i
need to implement it in the compiler (started but not finished). Its also
interesting because i designed so that a hardware version could also be
created :)... If you wish more information and have suggestions for improvement
i can send you the docs and code.

>PS: as I think, today there is no DLL support for FPC under LINUX
>(link FPC produced *.so with FPC main module). Why? I suggested
>solution a one year before (november 2001). If my solution was
>wrong  where is rigth solution?

I don't know if someone is working on the register allocator in the compiler
currently, but i think that is the best solution.... There is another solution
to use push/pop of the GOT register, but this will slow down the generated
code in PIC mode A LOT, and its kind of a hack, but it would work...

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