[fpc-devel]problems with COM interfaces

Rimgaudas Laucius rimga at ktl.mii.lt
Mon Aug 12 11:43:51 CEST 2002


i tryed to write interface example with fpc 1.1 (02.08.10 and early snapshots) and experienced some problems.

1. I can't export ix interface to delphi program (project2.dpr line 66).
(i compiled library with command line: ppc386.exe project2.dpr -Fu..\..\units\win32\rtl -Sd -WR -Xs)

2. There is problem with class fields.
I run project3 and get results:
add: 0
add: 0
release: 0
release: 0

when they must be:
add: 1
add: 2
release: 1
release: 0

3. GetInterface function crashes program.

I used some tricks to make program work. Maybe they can explain something more, file: working_one\project2.dpr.

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