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mike mike at forrentusa.com
Tue Sep 25 23:36:30 CEST 2001

Hello there.
(questions at the end of this message)

I spent an hour getting all the files I could need form your site a
while back.

Note that I knew absolutely nothing about Pascal before last night,
and only been involved minutely in Visual Basic development and
web site design since April of this year.

Now I had a wonderful quality-time by my self with your FAQ and
DOC files this early morning form app. 3.30 till app. 7.30.

After about 4 hours I wrote my first little exe, and not the regular
    writeln('hello world');
but rather, this to test some file writing abilities.

A file to generate somewhere around 1 Mb of data strings,
marking start time and end time so I can see how quick this
really is for my future needs.

It writes in average, on my puter, 8,22 Mb per seconds, so needless
to say I am very pleased in comparance to VB which would take a
few minutes just to run the generation loop.

Now I must also give you guys a serious patt on the back for really
knowing what you are doing as far as building an excellent installer
for the Windows environment.

I have not had to tweak or alter a single thing before I could compile
my program.
(as opposed of DJGPP whihc didnt want to work after 6 hours of install
or even so, Visual Cpp that still tosses all sorts of weird outcommented
code into
the generated applications.)

So finaly to my questions.

1) Is there a simple way to do
    Char 2 Ascii Code ('A' => #65)
    Char 2 Hex Code (#255 => $FF)
    Char 2 Binary Code (#255 => %11111111)
    in this kind of reversed conversion, already included
    or is that only possible the opposit way.

2) Is there an upper limit for how large a file the compiler can
    I mean I could virtually write all my source code into one single
text file,
    and run it as is through the compiler.

and perhaps most importantly,

3) Is there a way to write DLL files with FreePascal,
    or can I call the executables in some way to perform the same

Keep up the good work all of you, and I really hope you decide to
make all your libraries ported to suit all operating systems.

I find it amazing, how quickly I picke dup on your excellent writing
and the wonderful samples you include in the node files in your


Mike J.

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